To the point.

We think everyone should have enough money to meet basic needs and dreams. Full stop!

And while not everyone has money in the pocket, the good news is that there is always a last resort called friends & family. At some point everyone asked relatives or friends for help to achieve our goals or satisfy basic needs. Haven't you?

Our goal is to enable communities to finance people they care about.

In the Siva Universe the community is the source of funds, and the credit score is defined by the trusting bonds between family members.



Community Lending

The perfect marriage between project based crowdfunding

and family & friends loans.

The Problem

While you are nothing to a bank...


The Solution

While you are nothing to a bank...



According to the United States Census Bureau, 40% of America's households have a net worth below ~$7,500. These people could not cover an emergency expense easily, let aside embark on a dreamed project - to do so they would have to borrow money or sell their belongings.


Estimates from Credit Builders Alliance show that people with a low credit score will pay $250,000 more for financial services over the course of their lives.

Over 60 Million Americans have no access to quality credit....

..... and major purchasing decisions can only be financed with the help of friends and family.

These lending and borrowing transitions are usually based upon verbal contracts, sheer trust and long term relationships.

But it is not an easy thing to do, messiness and disorganization can lead to family feuds.

Times They Are a-Changin' - Bob Dylan

We want to empower communities, families and close people to support each other's goals and objectives using an infrastructure that takes the management of personal loans onto a whole new level, where the verbal agreements are substituted with a human-centered designed digital platform.

A seamless platform.

Make an agreement

  • Direct Loans – a communal loan where N members contribute to the needs of one member
  • Lending Circles – a product offering where N customers are making monthly contributions and create a common pull of resources available to the N members upon need / reques

Get the money

  • A premium service to schedule automated transfers (loan disbursements and repayments)
  • Artificial Intelligence based collections - proactive reminders and recovery

Bank on your social capital

  • Siva Score – an alternative credit score derived out of the performance of Siva members, that can be used to either adhere to a new lending circle or qualify for new product offerings

Business Model Snapshot

Key Partners


Recognized / public figures at the regional level, with capacity to redistribute products and even ideologies.

A good example: Political Campaign Managers (Latin community)

Key Activities

Product-Market Fit

Before we launch the on-scale product, we need to test product-market fit via an MVP adopted by potential clients.

Key Resources

Persona and team

Siva needs a diverse group of alpha testers that can opine on the value proposition.

Unique Value Proposition

How is this unique?

Loans for low income population are by and large available, but at terms that are going far beyond any reasonable limits. High interest rates make people turn towards their community – something people have been doing for centuries.

Siva is a game changer, since it's building upon the deeply ingrained desire to help each other at a minimal or no interest – thus making affordable loans possible.

Customer Relationship

South Cali Influencers

We are planning to develop an attractive business proposal for influencers and roll it out on South California's streets. Details to be fledged out.

Distribution Channels

On-line and street action

Need to go where the leaders are and raise awareness via dedicated events. Every interaction is supported by an omni-channel like platform.

Customer Segments

We help leaders

Our beachhead market is focused on first and second generation US immigrants (initially Latins), who are leaders of local communities and have a financial support network, either within or outside the country.

Internet oriented, mostly Facebook, used to send money over traditional services (bank, western union, etc)

Cost Structure

What will it cost to launch and maintain Siva?

We (the founders) were raised in the midst of various financial crises, we know how difficult is to make money and how simple it's to waste it. Efficiency is in our veins.

Having said that, there are two critical pieces to Siva, the influencers and the technological platform. We'll treat influencers in the right way and this will be the major focus of costs. On a steady state we estimate that cost of customer acquisition could be around $175 dlls. To balance out, we will develop a very efficient operation in Mexico, which has an emerging pool of talented developers paired with low cost of labor.


How do we make money?

Siva Core is a free of charge platform that will enable a quick expansion through a combination of customer referrals and financial incentives. Strong performing clients will have access to commercial and micro financing loans. High quality accounts will be referred to partnering institutions against a fee.

Income will also be generated by Siva Premium that will offer financial services (e.g. automated payments) and extra support to assigned communities. These premium service as a support of Siva Core.

We are launching soon! Join our invite list to stay informed.